Vermont and New Hampshire

Vermont is very much about Maple Syrup and Cheese. New Hampshire ‘s motto is “Live Free or Die”. Which would you prefer to be known by?

Our first destination is Mount Mansfield, the highest mountain in Vermont with a summit that peaks at 4,395 feet above sea level. The toll road is 4.5 miles up. The scenery was typical Vermont post card quality.

Beginning of trail
Lots of views
The yellow is a bloom from a flower
Flowers on mountain

Next we drove by Fisher Bridge in Wolcott , Vermont. The last railroad covered bridge in use in the United States.

As we drove towards New Hampshire, we stopped in a small town with a farmers market open on a Wednesday morning. This little girl (about 6 years old) came up to Missy and I and was talking jibberish, just jibberish, not making any sense too me. Missy figured out she was telling us about a butterfly cocoon on a tree. I had no idea what she was saying. She kept saying “CHRYSALIS” over and over. Thought it was just jibberish coming out of her mouth. Me, never heard such a word in my life, and this 6 year old is telling me this.

Green capsule looking is the Chrysalis it’s probably gonna make a monarch butterfly

She then wanted to show us the Chrysalis. She was right and I stand to be stupid!!! It’s the new skin forms the chrysalis that covers the caterpillar’s body. When the skin hardens, it takes on a green color. The color helps the chrysalis blend in with vegetation, which makes it less noticeable to passing birds and other predators. So I learned something today from a 6 year old.

After crossing into New Hampshire, we saw a covered bridge gift shoppe in Bartlett.

There’s a store inside the bridge

Our destination was Jackson, NH. And yes they have a covered bridge there too, built in 1876, the bridge was nicknamed “Honeymoon” bridge from the tradition of lovers kissing under it for good luck.

It’s a bit wider than bridges I have seen before

In Jackson, NH they have a puzzle store. Missy was in heaven, she bought 3 puzzles.

In Vermont and New Hampshire every little village has the large church steeples with bells.

Next in Conway, NH we saw another covered bridge, the Swift River Bridge, est 1869.

Next the Saco River Bridge est 1890.

River under the bridge

Finally the Jackson Inn, the Inn was the summer home of the Baldwin family who made Baldwin pianos. It’s an old home converted into an inn.

Jackson Inn

Closet next to our room

Harry Potter Closet

So I hope y’all are enjoying my blogs, for us it’s a new adventure everyday! Our country sure has a lot to offer.


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