National Ice Tea Day

(fun reading)

June 10th is National Ice Tea Day. As our world evolves, I can’t think of a better holiday on a hot humid day. Yes in the south I consider today a holiday.

In my travels, it’s funny how different parts of our country feel about Ice Tea or Sweet Tea. In the north, you can’t buy it by the gallon at McDonald’s. I consider northern Virginia the beginning of the north, while going south of northern Virginia through Georgia as the south. Florida is its own hodgepodge, with no one truly being from Florida. As you travel west you usually find unsweet tea and then you have the Pacific Northwest with all of it’s coffee. No wonder they are protesting in the northwest.

Now that we have the demographics in order, think about it, if everyone took time out of their day to have a cold glass of iced tea how much enjoyable your day would be. I think the civil war was really about iced tea. Lincoln’s proclamation should of been about making tea available for everyone. Maybe Atlanta would not of burned down, and what about the Boston tea party? Dumping all of that tea into the harbor, shameful, shameful, shameful!

There is truly two kinds of iced tea, sweet and unsweet, not raspberry tea, not lemonade tea. Just plain ole brewed tea. At night, I will give you Long Island Iced Tea to knock the edge off a hard day, but that’s it, no Arnold Palmer or any other variations of tea.

I believe the southern slow accents in the south come from the bottom lip wrapped around a cold mason jar. Think about it, the bottom lip pressed up against a cold wet glass jar, just pressing for more happiness! Now when they speak the lip is numb and has the shape wrapped around the mason jar. You try to speak this way? Bless their heart!

If we all just step back from our daily hustles and enjoyed a nice cold refreshing iced tea, I believe we would have a much happier place to live in. The Southerners figured it out a long time ago. So on this day I proclaim iced tea for everyone.

This writing was meant to bring laughter or even a slight smile to your face. It isn’t by NO means meant to offend anyone, even if you are a Yankee! 😊


Notice the fancy jar

Please respond with pictures of your ice tea!


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