Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Our adventure today had us leaving Denver on a 3-hour drive to Steamboat Springs, Colorado at 7 am. Steamboat Springs is Northwest of Denver, and with an elevation of over 10,000 feet, Steamboat Springs is home to natural hot springs that are located throughout the area and skiing.

In the late 1800s, Upon first hearing a chugging sound, early trappers believed that a steamboat was coming down the river. When the trappers saw that there was no steamboat and that the sound was coming from a hot spring, they decided to name the spring Steamboat Springs. The Utes Indian tribe lived here until 1879 when they were forcibly moved to Utah.

Steamboat Springs has produced more athletes for the Winter Olympics than any other town in North America.

We arrived a little after 10 am for our snowmobiling adventure. The snowmobiling was in the Routt National Park. The check-in was in a cabin that looked more like a trappers shack.

Missy on her snowmobile

Being the national forest, there were no houses or disturbed snow other than the snowmobile trail or animal tracks.

12 degrees

There were somewhere between 12-24 inches of snow in some spots.

Brandee on her snowmobile

Our snowmobile adventure lasted 2 hours in mother nature’s winter playground that once again reminded us of a Hallmark Christmas Movie.

In the picture below, the orange marker on the tree shows how high the snow will become around March.


We ended up our fun day in downtown Steamboat Springs having lunch outside at the Backdoor Grill.

Brandee and Missy

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