Georgetown, Colorado

We decided to take in some small-town charm and boy was Georgetown just that. It was like a Hallmark movie with the snow and the Christmas decorations. With a population of just over 1,000 people, we succeeded in finding a quaint little town that on this day only had about 10 tourists walking around. As we took the exit we saw a herd of bighorn sheep. The sheep weren’t afraid of us as they allowed us to take their pictures.

I was pretty close to this Bighorn sheep

Next, we went to the visitors center and then into town. Parking was plentiful, with most shops open.

Downtown Georgetown
Another view of downtown
Town hall and police department

In one of the stores that was like a general store, there was a father-son who was working and they were the friendliest. They were both vibrant and full of cheer. They made their spiced cider and kettle corn. They gave us samples and talked while thanking us for coming to visit. Honestly, they could be in a Hallmark Christmas Movie. We continue down the main street visiting the various stores.

The store owners suggested we go to Cabin Creek Brewery for lunch and we were glad we did. They had portable igloos outside with heaters since you can’t eat inside in Colorado now. My first experience in a portable igloo, and what a great idea.

Portable igloo
Inside of igloo

The brewery was on a lake that was frozen and had these igloos where people were ice fishing. The brewery got their idea from the ice fisherman to buy portable igloos so they could stay open during the restrictions.

Ice fishing
Another view of the frozen lake

Another fun day trip!


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