Evergreen Colorado, Lookout Mountain, Red Rock Music Museum

As we woke up in Denver, Colorado the night had brought us 4 inches of freshly falling snow. The snow here is powdery dry that can be pushed with a broom. Luckily Brandee’s car is 4×4, with no problems getting through the snow.

Today’s adventure took us to a slightly larger town of Evergreen, Colorado (8,000). We first noticed Evergreen lake, frozen of course, with ice fishermen. Below the lake was a dam with water running freely.

Next to the dam was an ice sculptor of The Polar Express train.

We decided to walk out on the lake and talk to an ice fisherman in his portable igloo. He was fishing for Rainbow Trout. He hadn’t had any luck today, but a few days ago caught 4 keepers. 4 Rainbow Trout are the limit for the day. They use a almost child like fishing pole with 4lbs of test line. Jigs or dough balls are the bait of choice. The fisherman assured me that the lake was safe with about 8 inches of ice, it could support a car.

We then moved down the lake to see if any other fishermen had any luck catching Trout. They told us they had caught some small ones, but none worth keeping. Everywhere we have been and conversed with the locals, everyone has been super nice and friendly. This next fisherman was kind enough to let me fish and get my picture taken. I think he was hoping I would change his luck. I was so excited!

Notice the small fishing pole and ice hole

As we hiked around the lake, Missy found her a home in Colorado. Luckily it wasn’t for sale! It was beautiful with the snow and the lake.

Took picture from standing on frozen lake

We then went into town to visit the shops. We had this black crow follow us around and squawk. He didn’t seem to like us being there, but when I took his picture, there was a rainbow that showed up on the picture. Thought it was pretty cool and was this rainbow like a sign of a angel following us? What could it mean? I guess I can imagine whatever I want too.

See the rainbow, pretty unusual

At one of the shops, the clerk said hello as we entered and proceeded to say, “ I have to show y’all this video!” She had put a trail camera on her back deck and it was a mountain lion. Pretty cool! She was so excited. Outside of her store was this stuffed bear that I will let you see below, haha.

Notice his mask and shorts

We then went to Buffalo Bill Cody’s grave on Lookout Mountain. Buffalo Bill had originally wanted to be buried in Cody, Wyoming, but as he laid dying at his sister’s house in Denver, he recalled this beautiful place called Lookout Mountain and asked to have his will changed to be buried there. His wife is buried there too. The plaque said, Colonel William Frederick Cody, Buffalo Bill, noted scout and Indian fighter.

Buffalo Bill Cody

From Lookout Mountain, you can see downtown Denver, The Coors Brewery, it’s truly in the mountains of Colorado.

Downtown Denver
Coor’s Brewery
View from Lookout Mountain

Next, we went a few miles down the road to the Red Rock Amphitheatre and Colorado Music Museum. The amphitheater was large with large red rocks as the backdrop of the theater. In 1971 John Denver performed at the amphitheater.


At the Colorado Music museum that had The Grateful Dead, John Fogleburg, and of course John Denver along with others. I think most people think of music and Colorado, have to think about John Denver.

John Denver bust
Statue of John Denver titled Spirit

As we were leaving the parking lot, we saw a Magpie Bird. It is considered one of the most intelligent animals of the world, and one of only a few non-mammal species able to recognize itself in a mirror test. Could you imagine testing a bird in a mirror? Magpies are well known for their thievery, avidly collecting shiny objects to adorn their nests. We felt lucky to see one and snap a good picture.


Another fun day with lots of interesting things. I got to Ice Fish!!!!


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