Rocky Mountain National Park

Our winter adventure takes us to Denver, Colorado to visit Brandee. We arrive in Denver with it snowing. Oh what a wonderful Christmas trip. Temperatures have been below freezing with fresh white powdered snow falling daily.

Our first adventure takes us to The Rocky Mountain National Park for a 3.4 mile hike to Emerald Lake. As we arrive in the park it begins to snow with accumulations of 3 inches on top of the snow on the ground.

The trail begins at Bear Lake Trailhead and we walked across Bear, Dream and Emerald lakes during the hike. There are signs warning of snow and ice as you walk across the lakes. The lakes were frozen completely with a small layer of snow on top.

As we headed farther up the trail the snow became deeper and the views became prettier.

Little tree growing out from rock
Bear lake completely frozen
Our Trail Guide Brandee

As we got closer to Emerald Lake with elevations of 10,118 feet and about a foot of snow we find the lake frozen.

Frozen Emerald lake behind us
Emerald Lake during warmer months

After riding around The Rocky Mountain National Park we went back to Estes Park and stopped at a brewery before dinner. We drove through the cute little town to see the Christmas lights.

After spending a day in the snow and looking at the lights, I think today put us all in the Christmas spirit.


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