Change of Travel Plans

We drove through Las Vegas, NV on our way to Barstow, California. Below is a picture from our car of the new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, the new home of the Las Vegas Raiders.

We made it to California, 3,000 miles. Our plans got changed due to Yosemite National Park being closed. I guess God is on our side, Yosemite is opening up this Thursday, and we have tickets! Yay! We will arrive at Hannah’s Thursday evening.

Calico Ghost Town

Today was a slower day with our changed plans. We stayed last night in Barstow, California. Outside of Barstow, there is a town called Calico Ghost Town in the Mojave desert region of California. A small silver mining town from 1881 to about 1900. Today it truly was a Ghost Town as Missy and I was almost the only people there, due to the virus.

Four prospectors discovered silver in the mountain and opened the Silver King Mine, which was California’s largest silver producer in the mid-1880s. The town soon supported three hotels, five general stores, a meat market, bars, brothels, and three restaurants and boarding houses. I saw no brothel! HaHa.

The town also had a deputy sheriff and two constables, two lawyers and a justice of the peace, five commissioners, and two doctors.

At its height of silver production during 1883 and 1885, Calico had over 500 mines and a population of 1,200 people. Local badmen were buried in the Boot Hill cemetery.

Overview of Calico
Building made from glass bottles, pretty cool
Home built into the rock
School house
Looks like something on Little House on the Prairie

There were about 30 students enrolled in the school, with about half attending on any given day. The Schoolteacher made around $70 a month. The average wage of a mine worker was around $3 a day. So teachers were underpaid even back then.

Claim jumpers beware! Hanging was the penalty.

It was a cute little mining town that was restored by a man in the 1950’s and today is a state park.

We all hear of how expensive it is to live in California. Let me give you my experience, gas is as high as $3.39 a gallon when the most we paid traveling cross country is $1.99. We ate at IHop and the cheapest item on the menu was $12.49. Coffee was $3.49 a cup. Our breakfast bill was $37 for the two of us. Once again all I can say is ”Wow”!

Off to bigger and better adventures tomorrow.


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